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Getting to know the new generation of the Internet

Scientists and researchers are aware of a new generation of Internet have given. The new generation of Internet is called Metaverse. In fact, with the new generation of the Internet, you can talk to people and relatives in 3D.

Getting to know the new generation of the Internet (Metaverse)

Metaverse (Overworld) (in English: Metaverse) is a hypothesis of the next generation of the Internet, which consists of decentralized and stable online 3D virtual environments.

This virtual world will be accessible through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, personal computers and game consoles. Metaverse, in limited form, currently exists on platforms like VRChat or video games like Second Life. It is also possible to mention the film Ready Player One (film) as well as the anime Sort Art Online. Currently, companies such as Meta Platforms, Roblox, Epic Games and Microsoft are investing in the research and development of technologies related to Metaverse.Brutal assault on an internet friend What is the metaverse?

First of all, one should get acquainted with the concept of metaverse so that as a user we know what kind of environment we are going to face. Metaverse consists of two sections: Meta and verse; Meta means something beyond or beyond, and verse is a word derived from universe, which means the world of existence. In fact, Metaverse is another world and beyond our current experience, we will be in a completely digital world and with the characters we create in this world, we can have fun, go shopping or cinema, establish economic spaces such as galleries and stores. And in general, to have very extensive economic activities like the current world.

In the future, Metaverse will become the digital version of our real world, today many people spend hours on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, and their entertainment, education, daily activities and economic activities also happen on this platform. In the future, Metaverse will become a much more efficient and advanced version of social networks, and people will definitely spend hours exploring this world and economic activities or acquiring skills, running a business, and performing various daily activities in it. . In fact, thanks to Web3 technology, blockchain technology and decentralized networks, Metaverse will be the interactive world of the future. Just as the current virtual space is an inevitable and necessary space for life, in the future the metaverse will be just as necessary.

As you know, in all financial markets, first movers have more chance to succeed than others. The future metaverse will be the communication and interaction of Internet users, by moving forward in this direction, many businesses, events, seminars, galleries and economic spaces will use this platform to interact with their users. By entering Metaverse, people can experience many new situations and interact with users from all over the world and earn dollars in an international market.

The nature of the assets in the Metaverse is NFT, and users will be provided with the official ownership of digital assets, and you can also buy and sell your assets. Buying and selling land, creating different art galleries, establishing different stores, trading digital assets and NFT, branding and advertising for businesses are among the most important income methods in this new space.

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