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Network rack

In the field of information technology (IT), hardware that includes network equipment and components such as servers, storage, routers, modems, switches and other items. Network rack they say. In fact, this device includes a set of floors that provides the necessary space for placing the equipment and is responsible for maintaining them. Since network equipment has special standards, Rack They are also made according to these standards and are presented in open and closed types or with walls and doors.

Passive network equipment

One of the most important parts of setting up a network is the equipment that exists in the infrastructure. Passive literally means inactive, and it refers to equipment that does not affect data transmission. Passive is actually a network equipment installation service that does not enter the configuration phase. These passive equipments work without electricity, so they do not need electricity. Passive network equipments do not have programming, and their size does not change and is fixed. Passive network equipment interacts with active equipment and can be used with this network equipment.

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The most reliable brands in this industry have trusted us

Patch Cord

Patch cords are small cables that connect equipment close together. The length of these patch cords is less than 5 meters.

Duct / trunk

Duct and trunk are a type of enclosure that is used to pass electrical or network cables in passive network equipment.

Wall sockets

Wall sockets allow systems to access the network. It also allows the user to connect to the network using a network cable.

The keystone of the network

In order to use copper network cables, you must use a connection. These connections are called keystones or sockets.

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